Saturday, December 4, 2021

Upcoming Market News - Week of Dec 6th 2021

News which could have some market moving impact for the week of December 6th, 2021.

Monthly US Trade Balance - 12/7/2021

Previous: -80.9B

I do not think we will see much impact from this report. Though the foretasted difference from the previous month is a drop in the deficit, the deficit is coming off of a 20 year peak.

Monthly US Consumer Credit - 12/7/2021

Previous: 29.9B

I feel the same way here, don't see much if any impact from this.

Monthly JOLTS Job Openings - 12/8/2021

Previous: 10.44M

Given that this is number of job openings during the reported month (excluding the farming industry) we could see some movement from this.

Weekly US Crude Oil Inventories - 12/8/2021

Previous: -900k

Surprises in this number always have impact on oil and gas prices, so it's one to watch out for if you're a futures trader or own oil & gas companies.

US 10 Year Bond Auction - 12/8/2021

Considering the recent statements from Powell, I feel this is likely to be a market mover.

Weekly US Unemployment Claims - 12/9/2021


Forecast: 225k

I only see market impact on this if there is a big surprise from the forecast.

Monthly US Wholesale Inventories - 12/9/2021

Previous: 2.2%

Forecast: 2.2%

This could be a market mover due to inflation concerns.

Weekly US Natural Gas Storage - 12/9/2021

Previous: -59B

Just like the weekly oil inventories, it's one to watch out for if you're a futures trader or own oil & gas companies.

US 30 Year Bond Auction - 12/9/2021

J ust like the 10 year auction, I feel this is also likely to be a market mover.

Monthly US CPI & Core CPI - 12/10/2021

Previous (CPI): 0.9%

Previous (Core CPI): 0.6%

Forecast (CPI): 0.7%

Forecast (Core CPI): 0.5%

Again, inflation is a major concern right now so this will be another important report to look out for.

Monthly US Consumer Sentiment & Inflation Expectations - 12/10/2021

I don't this this alone will be a market mover, but combined with the CPI data it could have a little impact.

Monthly US Federal Budget Balance - 12/10/2021

It's never balanced so does it really matter? All jokes aside, I don't see any major impact from this number.

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