Monday, December 27, 2021

First Ice Fishing Trip of 2021/2022 Season

Went out ice fishing Christmas weekend. The first lake was a bit slow, and covered in cloud so I wasn't able to take any decent photos. However, the second lake had the weather clear up for a nice photo op. Caught fish at both lakes, and I'm excited to get out again soon!

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Portfolio Update December 18th 2021

Like most people, I've been getting hammered by the current correction happening in the markets. As you can see, most of my more recent buys are down.

Current distribution

Asset Current P/L
Gold 16.75%
Silver 51.41%
GE 21.50%
VOC -2.89%
T -19.96%
BAC 90.53%
XTZ (Crypto) 54.73%
OMG (Crypto) 265.27%
DKL 80.83%
OMP 117.52%
JNJ 14.12%
VYM 29.62%
CLX -23.04%
SWCH 61.55%
XLM (Crypto) 88.88%
SCHD 19.78%
HRZN 31.82%
VOO 24.21%
QQQ 16.64%
ATOM 156.68%
FIL (Crypto) -10.44%
DGRO 30.65%
AFK -4.73%
ADA (Crypto) 0.33%
NKN (Crpyto) -47.85%
COIN 1.93%
DOGE (Crypto) -53.98%
QYLD -2.76%
GRT (Crypto) -26.89%
NEWT 0.81%
EVC -5.78%
BTC (Crypto) -3.08%
PBW -10.75%
BEP -4.31%
BKKT -66.84%
ACH (Crypto) -25.58%
SHIB (Crypto) -27.74%
ICP (Crypto) -8.88%
ETH (Crypto) -3.31%
ALGO (Crypto) -12.88%

Friday, December 10, 2021

Upcoming Market News - Week of Dec 13th, 2021

News which could have some market moving impact for the week of December 13th, 2021.

US Monthly PPI - 12/14/2021

Previous PPI: 0.6%
Previous Core PPI: 0.4%

Normally I would say we shouldn't see a lot of impact from this, but with inflation on everyone's mind this figure will be one to watch.

US Core Retail Sales - 12/15/2021

Previous retail sales: 1.7% Previous core retail sales: 1.7%

Combine this with the FOMC statment coming later in the day (see below), and we might have some big moves.

FOMC Economic Projections, Statement, and Federal Funds rate - 12/15/2021

Previous funds rate: <0.25%

The fed is always the biggest market mover. Biggest things to look for are what the fed forecasts, and statements/hints to future policy changes. The biggest concern right now is inflation, and how the fed is going to react to it. Note there is also a press conference 30 minutes after the statement at 2pm eastern time.

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Upcoming Market News - Week of Dec 6th 2021

News which could have some market moving impact for the week of December 6th, 2021.

Monthly US Trade Balance - 12/7/2021

Previous: -80.9B

I do not think we will see much impact from this report. Though the foretasted difference from the previous month is a drop in the deficit, the deficit is coming off of a 20 year peak.

Monthly US Consumer Credit - 12/7/2021

Previous: 29.9B

I feel the same way here, don't see much if any impact from this.

Monthly JOLTS Job Openings - 12/8/2021

Previous: 10.44M

Given that this is number of job openings during the reported month (excluding the farming industry) we could see some movement from this.

Weekly US Crude Oil Inventories - 12/8/2021

Previous: -900k

Surprises in this number always have impact on oil and gas prices, so it's one to watch out for if you're a futures trader or own oil & gas companies.

US 10 Year Bond Auction - 12/8/2021

Considering the recent statements from Powell, I feel this is likely to be a market mover.

Weekly US Unemployment Claims - 12/9/2021


Forecast: 225k

I only see market impact on this if there is a big surprise from the forecast.

Monthly US Wholesale Inventories - 12/9/2021

Previous: 2.2%

Forecast: 2.2%

This could be a market mover due to inflation concerns.

Weekly US Natural Gas Storage - 12/9/2021

Previous: -59B

Just like the weekly oil inventories, it's one to watch out for if you're a futures trader or own oil & gas companies.

US 30 Year Bond Auction - 12/9/2021

J ust like the 10 year auction, I feel this is also likely to be a market mover.

Monthly US CPI & Core CPI - 12/10/2021

Previous (CPI): 0.9%

Previous (Core CPI): 0.6%

Forecast (CPI): 0.7%

Forecast (Core CPI): 0.5%

Again, inflation is a major concern right now so this will be another important report to look out for.

Monthly US Consumer Sentiment & Inflation Expectations - 12/10/2021

I don't this this alone will be a market mover, but combined with the CPI data it could have a little impact.

Monthly US Federal Budget Balance - 12/10/2021

It's never balanced so does it really matter? All jokes aside, I don't see any major impact from this number.