Thursday, September 30, 2021

PBW Investment

I just bought some Invesco WilderHill Clean Energy ETF (PBW) at $78.30. Decided to jump in on the green energy thing because the US government is pushing so hard to fund it. I had narrowed my choices down to PBW, CNRG, and ICLN. PBW came out the winner due to being US holdings, I prefer the diversity in it's holdings vs CNRG, and it had a slightly higher distribution yield than CNRG.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Current Portfolio

Here are my current investments. Since I bought multiple lots over time I decided to just use my current profit/loss (as of the time of this post) instead of entry price. Note that P/L doesn't include interest or dividend earnings.

Asset Current P/L Long/Short Type
Gold +11.54% Long Metals
Silver +43.99% Long Metals
GE +41.56% Long Stock
VOC -7.26% Long Stock
T -7.78% Long Stock
BAC +87.62% Long Stock
XTZ +110.50% Long Crypto
OMG +561.19% Long Crypto
DKL +91.33% Long Stock
OMP +125.25% Long Stock
JNJ +11.42% Long Stock
VYM +23.82% Long Stock
CLX -25.71% Long Stock
SWCH +49.67% Long Stock
XLM +99.95% Long Crypto
SCHD +14.87% Long Stock
HRZN +33.88% Long Stock
VOO +17.21% Long Stock
QQQ +9.23% Long Stock
ATOM +280.16% Long Crypto
FIL +42.11% Long Crypto
DGRO +22.53% Long Stock
AFK -5.08% Long Stock
ADA +66.45% Long Crypto
NKN -58.66% Long Crypto
COIN -5.34% Long Stock
DOGE -46.85% Long Crypto
QYLD -2.63% Long Stock
GRT -24.01% Long Crypto
NEWT +2.04% Long Stock
EVC +3.21% Long Stock
BTC -0.62% Long Stock

I'm back!

Wow 8 years, time flies!

I have decided to pick this blog back up again so now it is time I catch you all up.

I did eventually get the CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) certification. I was then blessed with a job as a Network Engineer at a state of the art data center. After I settled into the job, I decided to go for the CCIE (Cisco Certified Network Expert). I passed the written test and took the lab exam twice, but couldn't seal the deal. After a few years, I transferred so I could work in the world's largest data center. Though the job was awesome, I was homesick for Colorado. I asked my bosses if I could work from home, but they said no so I took a leap of faith by quitting and moving back to CO. Landed a job as a consultant, and the client eventually hired me on as their Network Architect.

I have been back in CO for almost four years, and I started doing long term investing just before COVID hit. I started primarily with stocks/ETFs, and gold/silver. However, I eventually branched out into investing in various crypto currencies. More info on my investments will come in future posts.

Outside of work, I had picked up crossfit when I was at my old job which put me in excellent shape. However, I let myself go when I moved back to CO. I've also resumed my backpacking, fishing, hiking, ice-fishing, and hunting hobbies since I came back.

Now that I have established myself in the IT career field I have been thinking about future plans. My current goal is to become financially independent, and to make that happen I've decided to try day trading again. My plans for this blog are to basically pick up where I left off. I will be mostly journaling my investments, trades, and anything else I do in the financial markets. However, having a day job now means I might not be posting every day but I will post as often as I can!

That's it for now. I kept it short, but if you would like to know more let me know in the comments. Please also comment if you are someone who followed me when I was active. I'm curious to see where you are now in your trading endeavors, and what you've learned over the years!