Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Update, and a career change

So, been a while since I've posted. I've had a lot going on recently (hunting mostly), and did a lot of thinking.

Hunting season turned out to be a dud this year, only came home with 1 deer out of all the tags we had. Hopefully next year will be different since we'll be able to hunt with the new muzzle loader we bought in our favorite hunting season, September.

On to the more important topic..... trading. I've decided to no longer trade. It's been a lot of wheel spinning with profits and losses equating to an overall loss over the years. I feel like it's time to move on (at least for now), to more enjoyable things. After doing some thinking I realized that I like to code software. After dipping my toes into a few things (mainly C++ and PhP), I decided to become a web developer. The biggest thing that influenced that choice over say a software developer (programs/games) is my mom has started a new business and needed someone to develop the web site for it.

I may return to trading some day. Likely as a hobby than a career though. I plan on keeping this blog around for the few times I might trade here and there. Hope you all do well in your trading, and thank you for reading.


Nate said...

I've enjoyed your blog. Best of luck to you.

StockHunter said...

Thanks! :)

Unknown said...

I hope 2013 will be a year of new success for you and your family.

StockHunter said...

Thanks! We start our first marketing campaign next week, we're so excited!