Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trades for 7-11-12

Forex: 1 trade for a total of +4.69%


Nate said...

I'm really impressed with your results as of late. What do you think made you turn the corner? Was it the chat room or did you switch approaches? Although I still think those multiple percentage swings are too big for me to stomach. But I guess it's alright as long as they're in the right direction. :)

StockHunter said...

Thanks, I guess I just looked more at myself personally. Like I'll get gut feelings not to trade, and they're 99% correct. Or I'll know enough to stop trading because I'm getting into a gambling mood (this happened today actually).

Along with the above I've been using dollar targets for my stop losses instead of pips (adjusting size to match where the stop loss is with my dollar amount limit I want to risk per trade). I also started sticking to trades that are 1:1 risk:reward or better.

Nate said...

Very nice. Like I said, it's nice to see your progress.