Friday, November 4, 2011

Trades for 11-4-11

I had a rocky start, and it was also rocky in the middle of my trading. The beginning of my day was centered around adjusting my default stop loss, as you can see it was a little tight. Then just as I was getting my groove I got sucked into playing the employment data. Had I had my right mind at the time I would have only made 1 trade during that, but I went with reaction over prediction. I thought about calling it a day then (at the time I was up about 6 or 7 pips) because of my rookie moves. Instead I choose to continue on since I got my head back, and made 1 last trade before seeing that the market seems to be going choppy.

Forex: 12 trades, 7 losses, and 5 gains for a total of +13.2 pips

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