Thursday, March 10, 2011

Putting trading on pause

The only trades I had this week are from Tuesday, and after a long talk with my dad came to a decision on my future. Over this weekend I will write down things I would like to take up as a career, with the good and bad points of each choice laid out. Then on either Monday or Tuesday we will discuss said choices and come to a conclusion.

The reason why I’m doing this is because I can’t quit my weekend job, and I can’t continue the trade while working. Trading is hard enough, let alone doing it while your mind is messed up from working nights. However, even though I will likely put trading on the back burner I will still keep my trading blog going. I enjoy sharing useful links and commenting on them so expect that to continue, just not as often as before. I’m expecting to make a post somewhere around once a week.

Lastly, this is not my resignation from trading all together. I will come back at some point in the time, just after I’m able to quit working nights so I’m able to devote my mind to trading.


FX said...

Maybe you could start trading really long term like using daily charts. Holding trades for weeks, be it stop or profit. So you will be still in the game. We are used to scalping but it's not only way to do it.

Take care

StockHunter said...

I thought about that, but I don't know. I may do that paper-trading because I have never "invested" (long term) in anything, the most I've done is some swing trading when I 1st started.

I'll add it to my list of things I'll be mulling over though, thanks!