Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trades for 3-25-10, and weekly total

So this week went well with my trading. I also feel much better overall, though it isn’t something that’s going to be fixed in 1 week. I’ve made some good progress this week, just need to keep improving and all will be fine.

For this week's post I’ve decided to post some music :)

My total for the week is +3.31% (paper-trading).

Today I had 1 trade, but it was during “abnormal hours” so I’m not going to include the results in today’s and this week’s results. I will however show you the chart:


ainkurn said...

how is your trading going? I just got back to blogging and noticed that you got your system from my site. Just curious how things are going. Best of luck,


StockHunter said...

Things are going well now, but I had a rocky week about 2 weeks ago. I dropped back to paper-trading to sort some things out in my personal life, which will in turn improve my trading. I will likely continue paper-trading until I get back from visiting family in April (22nd).

I also haven't used your system in a very long time because I stopped trading stocks a little over a year ago. Now I'm day trading forex, though I still use some of the basics from your strategy in stocks when things are trending well.

One thing to note is that your strategy was one of the 1st systems I've ever used in my trading career :).