Saturday, October 3, 2009

Trades for 10-2-09, and weekly total

Sorry I forgot to post this yesterday I got kind of busy and forgot all about it.

My real trading total for the week is -9.69%.

I took the day off today (10-2-09) because I needed a break and to think about things. So I’ll just give you a few updates as to what is going on with me. I’m picking up my dad from the airport tomorrow (10-3-09) so we can go hunting next Saturday (10-10-09). That 2nd job I was talking about called me and said I’ll likely start retraining sometime next week. They want to 1st retrain me on the front desk so I’ll probably go in during the afternoons next week for that. After about a week of that I’ll then go to retrain for night audit. The reason I say “retrain” is because I used to work there as a night auditor so all there is for me to do is get used to the new computer programs they have.

For the Friday post I decided to start a poll that I will leave up for about a week asking if you would watch a video blog by me. It will likely be just a short clip of what happened that day.

Totals for the day
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Harvey said...

Do you ever keep track of the total pips you make from the market?

StockHunter said...

No I don't