Friday, June 5, 2009

Trades for 6-5-09, and weekly total

For the week I’m +6.96% in forex, and +.15% in my swing trade (DDM).

Today I had no forex trades, and I exited my swing trade in DDM for a small profit.

I didn’t get around to finding something interesting for the Friday post so I’ll just let you know how I’ve been doing since I started trading forex for real. So far in all of my real forex trading my peak was +14.92%, bottom was -6.34%, and I am currently +8.95% on my account (since I started for real on 3-30-09). That means in the past 3 weeks I’ve done +15.29%, which makes me very happy because my goals are 3% a week and right now I’m currently doing about 5%.

Totals for the day
Swing trade: (+.15%)

DDM - Long from 6-1-09 to 6-5-09 for +.15%

Forex: (0%) No Trades

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