Friday, June 19, 2009

Trades for 6-19-09, and weekly total

For the week I did +3.71% in forex, and had no trades in stocks.

Today I had no trades, and I’m now packed for backpacking. I plan on going to the place I hunted last year (Click here to read about it), and I will leave once I’m done making this post.

For the Friday post I have an article about Obama’s financial overhaul. In my opinion he didn’t need to do this, all he needed to do was enforce the laws we have. There are still plenty of people out there naked short selling, giving out funny loans, etc. They get away with it because the government rather expand and take more power than enforce the laws we already have. It also helps to have bribes from the big wigs at the companies doing the illegal activities (I’m not saying Obama is getting any, I’m saying all the politicians are [republican and democrat alike]). Anyways, enough with my ranting, here is the link:

Have a good weekend!

Totals for the day

No trades

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