Monday, June 29, 2009

A fishing story

Went on a day trip fishing this weekend, couldn’t do a backpacking trip because the weather sucked in the afternoons/night. Here is the story:

I woke up at 2:45am to eat and get ready for my fishing trip. Hit the road at about 3:15am, and pulled into the parking spot at about 4:30am. I sat in the truck for about 15 minutes enjoying the sound on the river because it was still very dark out. Once 4:45am hit I grabbed my gear, turned on my headlamp (still couldn’t see past 50 feet), and started on the trail. I’m not even ¼ of the way into my hike when I come upon my 2nd stream crossing, which was wide enough I had to try and jump across. I jump and manage to get 1 foot on the other side, but my other foot didn’t make it and went right into the stream about ½ way up my thigh. I use the dry foot and a willow which I had a hold of to pull myself out. Now my right leg and foot are wet and it’s about 42 degrees (fahrenheit) out, but thankfully I had great boots (made by north face) on and I knew that it was supposed to get warmer and be sunny out later. So I squish my way up the trail, and make it to the point where I have to jump off the trail and bushwhack (there is no trail to the lake). I get a GPS lock, and double check my map to make sure I’m starting in the right spot. Once everything is confirmed I start making my way up the mountain. About ¼ of the way up I see a deer going across the mountain side, but he spoted me 1st so I was unable to get a picture. However, I did get some photos of the senery:

Continuing up the steepest slope I have ever done in my life I took another photo:

Once I was less than ¼ mile from the lake I stopped and took a short video of the stream that comes out of the lake (Click here to see it). I finally arrive at the lake at about 6:15am:

Seeing that the lake is 95% covered in ice I was somewhat bummed because my leg and foot were still wet and now I’m starting to get cold (it’s now about 35-40 degrees fahrenheit and I’m in a t-shirt/jeans). I throw on 1 thermal shirt and a light jacket which warms me up some, but not much. Once the sun hits I take off my boots and socks to dry them out, and rig up a rod/reel with some bait. I sit there fishing for about an hour and start to get really cold (I’m starting to get hypothermia). This is when I decide that I put the fishing on hold and start a small fire. After about 15-30 minutes I finally get a fire started (high altitude + wet wood + scarce wood = not fun to start a fire with lol) and warm up. Once I get my foot and boot dry I put my boot back on. It’s now about 9:00am and I’ve done hardly any fishing so I grab the rod, take off the bobber, and walk onto the rocks. I start fishing with just a hook with a artificial yellow worm on it, casting onto the ice and letting it fall off the edge. On about my 3rd or 4th cast I land this guy:

Now I’m in a really good mood, so I continue to fish. I try the same spot for a little while and got nothing so I moved along the shore and still didn’t get anything. I go back to the same spot and get a few more bites (landed one but he jumped off when I got him close to the rocks), than I catch another fish even bigger than the last one. I continue fishing for awhile, but didn’t get anything so I take one last photo of the fish and head on my way.

I also take 1 more photo of the lake on my way out:

Once I got home I dressed the fish, and had the best dinner in a very long time:

In closing I’d like to thank the lord Jesus for such an awesome trip, and I hope to do it again sometime this year.


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Very cool stuff. The reward for patience, endurance and going off the beaten track is always biggest.

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