Monday, May 11, 2009

Trades for 5-11-09

Today was just plain sad, I did +.38% during London hours, no trades in abnormal hours, and -8.35% during normal hours.

The good news is I think I may have figured out what has derailed me. I need to go back to what I was doing during my 1st 3 weeks of real trading with forex. What had happened was that during my 1st 3 weeks I wasn’t making my dollar goal so I tried to up my sizing. What ended up happening is I’m trading full sizes too often, and I haven’t been happy with small gains. I used to just trade mostly 25k sizes with a full size every once in awhile while also being happy with +.25% per trade. So what I plan on doing for at least tomorrow (or maybe the rest of the week) is paper-trading to see if I can get back into that groove I was in during my good weeks.

Totals for the day
Forex: (-8.35%) Real Trades
All times on the charts are Mountain Standard Time

6 trades, 4 losses, and 2 gains

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