Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trades for 3-3-09

My 1st trade this morning sucked, I should have stopped myself at $18.98 but I didn’t think we were going to break the morning’s low. However things went good in forex trading today. I stepped out into looking at other currencies and timeframes, but most of my trading was (and will be) on the EUR/USD 1 minute chart. I also upped my trade sizing again because I need to reach my dollar goal per week. So even though it’s a big percentage number, it may not be what I need to reach my dollar goal per week.

The total figure for “Discretionary trading” does not include my paper-trades.

Click here for a video of today’s trades.

Totals for the day
Discretionary trading: (-2%)
All times on the charts are Mountain Standard Time.

DDM – Long (-2%) Real Trade

SDS - Long (+.97%) paper-trade

MA Trading: (+.82%) paper-trading
All times on the charts are Eastern Standard Time.

SDS – Long (+.82%)

Gapers: (+.98%) paper-trading

SDS – Long (+.98%)

Forex: (+3.31%) paper-trading

5 trades, 1 loss, 0 flat, and 4 gainers

10k strategy: (0%) paper-trading

No trades


FX said...

Hey man put in charts of forex paper trades in your posts. I'm curious to see them.

StockHunter said...

Ok, I'll start doing that. If you want to see the past ones (2-25-09 to 3-3-09) just watch the videos.

FX said...

Yeah, thanks on the info. I didn't check your videos lately.