Monday, February 23, 2009

Trades for 2-23-09

Please call your representatives and tell them to vote NO on the “Trader tax” (click here for the full text of the bill)!!! All that tax is going to do is hurt us little guys who are trying to make a living trading. I’d like to thank Dinosaur Trader for bringing it to my attention in his post yesterday.

Had a good morning, but the rest of the day sucked so I’m glad I’m still paper-trading the rest of the day.

The total figure for “Discretionary trading” does not include my paper-trades.

Click here for a video of today’s trades.

Totals for the day
Discretionary trading: (+1.06%)
All times on the charts are Mountain Standard Time.

JPM – Short (+1.06%) Real Trade. I could have made more money, but I’m still happy with it because I stuck with my original stopgain

DDM – Long (-.80%) paper-trade

UWM – Long (-1.16%) paper-trade

DDM – Long (-.86%) paper-trade
DDM – Long (+.78%) paper-trade

SDS – Long (+1.07%) paper-trade

MA Trading: (0%) paper-trading

No trades

Gapers: (-.64%) paper-trading

DDM – Long (-.64%)

10k strategy: (0%) paper-trading

No trades

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