Monday, January 12, 2009

Trades for 1-12-09

Today I’m glad I stuck with my decision to only trade the mornings then paper-trade the rest of the day. Had I of traded for real all day I would have ended my day down in “Discretionary trading,” but flat over all due to the paper-trade in 10k. The total figure listed in “Discretionary trading” is my real trade figure, so if you want to include my paper-trades you’ll have to do the math yourself :P.

I also started paper-trading gapers, and only the results (below) will be posted unless screenshots are requested via comment.

Totals for the day
Discretionary trading: (+.42%) (+$105.84)
All times on the charts are Mountain Standard Time.

UWM – Long (+.42%) My only real trade of the day
UWM – Long (-.78%) paper-trade

BAC – Long (-.90%) paper-trade
BAC – Short (+.87%) paper-trade

10k strategy: (+.43%) paper-trading
All times on the charts are Eastern Standard Time.

DOV – Short (+.43%) paper-trade

Gapers: (+.85%) paper-trading

NIHD – Short (+.85%)

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