Monday, January 19, 2009

Playing with forex

The US markets were closed so I paper-traded with forex today. I did pretty well for someone who wasn’t taking it too seriously. All end results listed are in USD, and the times on the charts are Mountain Standard Time.

Discretionary forex trading: (+$405.7974) paper-trading

AUD/JPY – Short (+$214.2662)
EUR/GBP – Long (+$138.9321)
AUD/JPY – Short (+$325.5697)
EUR/GBP – Long (+$192.4931)
EUR/GBP – Short (-$-$583.4527) I should have had my stoploss above 0.9080 (stopped myself out too soon)
EUR/USD – Short (+$117.9890)

Here is the video of the charts, it’s a crappy looking video so if you want the screenshots let me know via comment.


FX said...

Well I really like your trades, they made sense to me. I understand each of them from the charts basically why you took them. Also this video presentation is great for me, better than screenshots. I'm positively surprised, it is paper trading but this is really quality trading imho.

StockHunter said...

Thanks! I would love to continue the videos, and I may since that video looks better than my other ones. My problem is, I want to get as nice looking of a video as orionmachine lol. But it's looking like that might be the best I can get out of a free program (camstudio).