Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Trades for 12-9-08

I think I may have figured out why I’m not doing as good trading QQQQ 5M real vs. paper. It’s because I find myself looking at how much I might loose, instead of looking for the gain and the likelihood of it being correct. Notice that I improved once I realized what I was doing.

Totals for the day
QQQQ 5M: (+.20%) (+$40.90)
Short -.56%
Short +.71%
Long -.69%
Short +.23%
Short +.42%
Short -.66%
Long -.46%
Short +.53%
Long +.06%
Short +.33%
Short +.23%
Long +.06%

10k strategy: (0%) ($0)

No trades

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FX said...

Well you can call it a system but it is pure discretionary trading with it's all pros and cons.