Monday, December 22, 2008

Trades for 12-22-08

I ended up deciding to can trading QQQQ on a 1 minute chart because it didn’t meet my goals. So now I’m back to trading QQQQ on a 5 minute chart, and I will paper-trade it until at least next Monday. I decided to go with paper-trading it because of the short holiday week. I may dive into trading it next Monday, but right now I’m not sure.

Today I did good. I think I am now fully out of my mental rut, too bad it’s a short trading week :(. I jumped out of the 3rd trade because it had gone flat for too long, the 1st trade I tightened my gain by $.02, and the 2nd trade hit my initial stopgain. I’m glad I got out of the 3rd trade when I did because my internet crashed on me shortly after my exit.

Totals for the day
QQQQ 5M: (+.88%) paper-trading
Long +.54%
Short +.24%
Long +.10%

All times on the chart are mountain standard time

Here is a video clip of my trades so you can pause and look at my entries/exits at the time I did them:

10k strategy: (0%) ($0)

No trades

Went out elk hunting yesterday, almost had 1 but she smelled us and ran off :(. We also ran into a TON of deer, here are some pics:


Anonymous said...

Now thats more like it! So your risk is less than 1% a day right? and then you call it quits? That is the only part of my trading model I really need to work with. when to call it quits. What program are you using to paper trade the Q's?

StockHunter said...

It depends on what I'm trading. With the "10k strategy" I'll cut off at -4% for the day, when I trade the Q's I've never had to cut myself off.

For the Q's I would stop trading if I had 5 trades in a row that were -.15% or more each, or I hit -2% for the day. This is because my worst streak was 4 losses in a row, and my worst day was -1.69%.

StockHunter said...

Oh and the program I use to trade the Q's is visualtrader (see link under "my trading set up"). I like the program, but think it's a little pricey.