Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trades for 12-17-08

Looks like I will be paper-trading for the rest of the month like I had originally planed. No chart (again) today, I will make one for tomorrow’s trades though.

The trades posted for QQQQ 1M are up until I “stopped trading,” which means that had I been trading for real I would have stopped trading. The reason I would have stopped trading is because things weren’t clicking for me today and I had a bad feeling about continuing to trade. However, I continued paper-trading because I wanted to record what would have happened had I ignored my instinct. If I had ignored my instinct I would of ended my day (-2.11%). This has happened before to me (I just didn’t post it on this blog), so when I go back to trading for real I plan on obeying my instinct when it tells me to stop trading for the day.

Totals for the day
QQQQ 1M: (-.50%) paper-trading
-.44% <---brain fart, should have waited a little longer on entry

No chart for today.

QQQQ 5M: (0%) ($0)

No trades

10k strategy: (0%) ($0)

No trades

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