Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Trades for 12-10-08

Sorry I took so long to post, I left early to blow off some steam ice-fishing. Needless to say I’m disappointed in my performance today. Debating on throwing QQQQ 5M away, I’ll let you know if I do tomorrow.

Today I think my problem was trading too much. I also think I was used to trading outside of ranges, and now that we have been in a range this week I’m lost. But I really don’t know for sure, so if any of you readers see something that I’m not seeing you’re more then welcome to let me know.

Totals for the day
QQQQ 5M: (-1.46%) (-$395.29)
Long +.23%
Long -.66%
Long +.23%
Long -.56%
Short -.50%
Long +.03%
Short +.82%
Long -.17%
Short -.41%
Long -.47%

10k strategy: (0%) ($0)

No trades


FX said...

Sorry for your losses. If you decide to throw it away it's totally o.k. Discretionary trading is pretty much hard and it takes much time and experience to found things that work that way. When you paper trade thing like this it's easier because there is no pressure as with real money. After let's say three losses in a row your mind is clouded and you can't chose next thing properly. It's different with paper trading so you never know until you try for real. I chose discretionary trading over system because I'm no good for following a system, so I don't have much of a choice. If you can find good clear cut system then it's great because you have discipline to follow it.
There are many interesting systems for stock traders and I would look for something in that direction, new one.

StockHunter said...

Well, I sat down lastnight for about 2-3hours looking through my trades. What I found was 3 things, 1st I have been waiting for the price to break a certain level before I would trade, where as paper-trading I just went for it because I knew it was going in that direction. 2nd and the main reason why I've been screwed up lately is because I've had way to much going on which is draining me mentally. So I decided to back off and take it easy today (12-11) and tomorrow (12-12) to clear my mind and hopefully that will fix it. The 3rd thing (minor compared to the 2nd) was that it's a different market then what I was trading in during the testing phase.