Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa’s unauthorized entry into our air space

Santa entered our air space with out approval, so we had to take out one of his reindeer (yes we shot an elk, but I thought it would make a funny title :P). We left the house yesterday (Christmas Eve) at about 10:30am, and made it down to the town near are area to hunt at about 2:00pm. Stopped at a gas station, and while my dad was standing in line the clerk saw his cameo and asked “what ya lookin for?” He said “elk,” and a couple of guys standing in line said they had seen some outside of town to the east. So we headed out there to check it out, and took our 1st batch of photos:

Once we made it to the area they were talking about, we noticed a lot of tracks and saw some deer. The only problem was that the area was covered in ranches (private land) so we decided to leave and go to the area we were originally going to hunt. On the way out we spotted some elk on a ranch, so we looked around for the ranch owner for about 15min-30mins. We couldn’t find the owner so we left to go to our original area. Once we made it there we parked the snowmobiles and drove up the road a little ways. About ¾ of a mile up the road we saw some elk, so we hopped out of the car to go after them, but they must have saw us because they ran off. So we jump back in the car and drive around for a little longer. We end up going up the road where we shot our elk last year, and we spot another herd of elk. This time they don’t see us (if they did they didn’t care), so me and my little bro get out of the car and head after them. We had to hurry because it was getting close to sundown. Once we get about 400 yards away, I set my little bro up to take his shot using my shoulder for a gun rest (kneeling). He takes the shot and misses, but my dad says on the radio “go after them, they stopped!” So we start running (more like jogging because of the snow and gear we had on), and close in to about 300-350yards away. Sucking wind like a mofo, I told my bro to take his time and catch his breath because now he had to take a standing shot off the shooting sticks. He squeezes the round off, and I look to see the elk drop! Once we got closer to her he had to put another one in her because she was still kicking. Then the fun (work) began, but thankfully we had the snowboiles to drag her out with :). Ended up getting home at around midnight, but we got it done. Here are the photos, and video of the elk:

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