Friday, December 5, 2008

Trades for 12-5-08, and weekly total

My totals for the week (12-1-08 to 12-5-08) are:
10k: (-.76%) or (-$214.65)
QQQQ 5M (paper-trading): (+3.55%)

Nice rally, especially on crappy jobs data. S&P500 and the Q’s are starting to break trend on their daily charts. Even though I didn’t have any trades today, I was really happy with avoiding a loss in WFT. It set up almost perfectly for a short, but I had such a strong feeling that we hit bottom for the time being that I decided to not trade it. The other thing that was cool was the NYSE rang the opening bell at beaver creek ski resort, which is about a 45min drive from where I live :). It’s an awesome place to ski, if you ever take a winter vacation to Colorado check it out.

I have started a new poll and will have it running over the weekend. I won’t base my decision on the poll (I’ll have that done tonight :Þ), I’m just curious to see what you all think about QQQQ 5M :).

Totals for the day
10k strategy: (0%) ($0)

No trades

QQQQ 5M: (+.77%) paper-traded
Short +.41%
Long +.30%
Long +.22%
Long -.47%
Short -.55%
Long +.44%
Long +.25%
Short -.93%
Short +.60%
Long +.25%
Long +.25%

Here is the up-to-date preformance chart of QQQQ 5M (per-trade):


FX said...

Well I think that you should try with qqqq at least with smaller size than you intend to trade for first week or so. You know that decisions with real money on the line will be slightly different than paper trading.

Also too many times you mention that you are glad that you avoided loss in some stock in your 10k strategy. Well maybe it's not so great strategy in the first place. I honestly don't know and didn't look in it more closely, it's just observation.

StockHunter said...

Thanks for letting me know what you saw in 10k, didn't dawn on me untill you said that lol. I am thankful for your input, it helps to have others "proof read" your work.

I might do that with the 5M Qs, as of right now I should be using it on monday. All I got left to do is figuring out the details (i.e. max draw down so I know when to stop and regroup).

My end goal is to have 2 or more strategies to work with during the trading day. I can't just rely on 1 strategy all the time (as you can see with 10k), thats why I started testing other stuff (in total I have been testing 4 strategies [including QQQQ 5M]).