Friday, November 21, 2008

Trades for 11-21-08, and weekly total

My weekly total (11-17-08 to 11-21-08) is (+.37%) or (+$100.96).

Today was finally a good day! Avoided a loss in CPB and I also avoided a loss in MINI, but MINI was only because it didn’t have the shares I wanted. GOOG was quite a relief! It was like taking a shower after a week in the woods. One thing I am happy with is the fact that I resisted the urge to force trades this week. The past 2 days were especially hard because all I did was stare at charts for 6-8hours a day.

I’m planning on going ice-fishing tomorrow, if I do I’ll post pics when I get back :).

Totals for the day
10k strategy: (+1.02%) (+$282.35)

GOOG – Short (+1.02%) (+$282.35) Took my profits because volume was still dropping, MFI was oversold, and the QQQQ looked like it was lacking conviction to the down side.

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