Sunday, November 23, 2008

1st ice-fishing trip of the season

Went ice-fishing yesterday! Was about 3miles through the snow most of it being knee deep. Managed to follow the summer trail most of the way, it wasn’t until we hit the last 1/2 mile that we ended up loosing the trail, but still managed to make it to the lake. Found lots of semi-old elk tracks on the way in, I figure they must have been in there about 1-2 weeks ago. Once we got there the ice was about 6 inches thick, and about 5 minutes after I drilled my hole I caught this:

After that we had a steddy flow of fish about every 5-15 minutes, but none of them bit :(. Fished until about 2:30pm then had to go because of the sun dropping behind the mountain making it cold has heck! On the way out I fell through the ice at the edge of the lake, but thankfully it was only about thigh deep there :).

Here are the rest of the photos we took:


FX said...

You really are outdoorsman.

StockHunter said...

:) what can I say, it's what I love to do (other than trading) hehe.