Thursday, October 9, 2008

Trades for 10-9-08

Today was boring for most of the day, but once 3pmEST hit holy crap. I’m wondering where our so called “leaders” are? The fed chairman, treasury secretary, and the president seem to be no where. We need them to reassure us they are working on it, even if all they can do is say “we are here” it would help the markets. Looks like they are more concerned with globalizing us more then fixing the mess we have.

Totals for the day
10k strategy: +1.58% (the “W” trades)

WMI – Short (+1.39%)

WFC – Short (+.71%)

WLP – Long (-.51%)

VT strategy: +.80%
Wow, I’ve got charts this time :)

ANR – Long (-2.41%)

MER – Short (+1.10%)

SU – Short (+2.11%)

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