Monday, October 6, 2008

Trades for 10-6-08

Ok, back for this trading week then I’ll be gone again hunting. I have decided to totally revamp the way I look for picks. What I mean by that is I will take both lists of stocks from the 10k and VT strategies and make them into 1. Once I do that I will then continue looking for picks with the same 2 strategies, but I will also become more dynamic. In other words I will look at all the charts and see what strategy(ies) work for that chart. Including my current 2 strategies, I will also be using old strategies. What I have been currently doing is taking a strategy and seeing what charts fit it. What I want to start doing, is look at charts and see what strategies apply to it. Now, you all will have to bear with me because I plan on paper-trading the rest of the year. This is to ensure that I can handle it, and also test my abilities at picking stocks.

Totals for the day
10k strategy: +.97%

BLK – Short (+.97%)

VT strategy: +2.79%

No charts, I was too busy with other stuff :Þ.

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