Friday, October 24, 2008

Trades for 10-24-08, and weekly total

My weekly total (10-21-08 to 10-24-08) is:
10k: +3.50%
VT: -6.81%

We missed a big drop today thanks to the existing home sales data. If it weren’t for that we most likely would have tripped the breakers. As far as how I did, 10k had 0 trades which hasn’t happened in a long time. VT got burned with the last 2 trades.

Totals for the day

10k strategy: 0%
No trades

VT strategy: -4.98%

RIG – Short (+.81%)

ABX – Long (+.97%)

CNX – Short (-3.39%) I knew this one was going to hit $24.13 but followed my stop-loss rules. Had I not of it would have been a +1.12%

ENER – Short (-3.37%)

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