Thursday, October 16, 2008

Trades for 10-16-08

Back from hunting didn’t bag anything, all I ran into was bulls and I had a cow tag :*(. I’ll be leaving tomorrow afternoon for deer season so if there is no post you know why. No VT charts today, didn’t take the screens yet.

Totals for the day
10k strategy: -1.45%

ABX – Short (-1.45%)

VT strategy: +1.06%
No charts but here are the trades, MST=Mountain Standard Time

+1.88% HOT 8:09amMST to 8:15amMST Short from $19.95 to $19.56
+.64% JCI 8:32amMST to 8:41amMST Short from $19.70 to $19.56
+.85% VLO 9:02amMST to 9:22amMST Short from $16.28 to $16.13
-2.31% GGB 10:24amMST to 10:43amMST Long from $5.80 to $5.67

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