Thursday, September 4, 2008

Trades for 9-3-08

Ok, we got back on Tuesday night so I had no trades for 9-2-08. So far hunting season is going good, would have like 8 deer and 2 elk dead if I was hunting with a rifle lol. But I am bow hunting so I got to get within 50 yards.

Opening morning we hiked the toughest hike I’ve ever done in my life (3 hours to go 1.7miles to give you an idea). As soon as we got to the top, the elk showed up about 25yards away (in the trees). Me and my dumb-self thought the elk were farther away so I proceeded to get things (decoy, calls, etc.) out of my pack. It’s needless to say that the elk heard me and ran off :(.

To sum up the rest of the weekend, almost got 2 deer (the ones that were within range) missed the 1 (buck) and the other (doe) didn’t give me a clean shot. We also ran into another elk herd, got within about 60yards but we (not sure if it was me or my dad) stepped on a stick and they heard us, we froze for about 20mins then had to move because our legs were tired. A cow spotted our movement and they ran off.

As far as trading went for 9-3-08, I paper-traded again because I’m too tired to look at my totals and decide wither or not to go back to real trading, and I also have hunting as a distraction. FYI, I am now going to post my chart layouts for my VT strategy (5M, 10M, and daily) because thats what I look at when trading. Totals are as follows:

“10k strategy” (+1.44%):
POT - Short (+.28%)

FLS – Short (+1.16%)

”VT strategy” (+1.02%):
LEN – Long (-2.35%)

MTL – Short (+1.15%)

AN – Long (+.64%)

CAL – Short (+1.30%)

RIO – Short (+.69%)

NVDA – Short (-.41%)

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