Friday, September 12, 2008

Trades for 9-12-08, and weekly totals

My REAL trading total for the week (9-8-08 to 9-12-08) is (-2.45%) or (-$683.68)

The following chart is my 10k strategy performance paper & real trading, start with paper-trading then switch each time the color changes. So it goes paper, real, paper, real, paper.

I paper-traded 10k today because I made a chart of my performance (paper & real trading) with excel (see above), and it looks like I’m in a “pullback”. So I figured I paper-trade until this “pullback” is over, then jump in when it’s back to gaining. I also continued paper-trading the VT strategy. Totals are as follows:

“10k strategy” (-.22%):

LMT - Long (+.07%)

DVN – Short (-.29%)

”VT strategy” (-6.32%):

APA – Long (-.73%)

MS – Long (-2.81%)

DHI – Short (-1.52%) Mistake: should of had stop-loss @ $14.12

BTU – Short (-2.60%) Mistake: It was the only group moving (it didn't have a majority of the map backing it up), and it was not a powerful move

ABX – Long (+1.34%)

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