Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trades for 9-10-08

It was an off day for me, and I am SSSSOOOO glad I didn't trade the VT strategy for real today. Today was the day I was looking for in the VT strategy, I needed to find out what is the expected worse day I could have with it, and so far today was that day.

I had 1 trade with the 10k strategy, it was a short and a loss for (-.93%) or (-$255.85). I also continued paper-trading my VT strategy which got (-7.29%). Totals are as follows:

“10k strategy” (-.93%) (-$255.85):

DO - Short (-.93%) (-$255.85)

”VT strategy” (-7.29%):

ENER – Long (-4.36%) Mistake: I should have had my stoploss @ $55.94

CRS – Short (-1.06%)

BTU – Long (+1.74%)

KGC – Long (-1.36%) Mistake: exiting this one prematurely inorder to enter BAC

BAC – Long (-2.22%)

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