Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trades for 8-14-08

I went through my trades and so far have determined that it’s been mostly market forces that have affected my trading. However I am starting to notice that some of my winning trades have been entered when it breaks support/resistance + 10k strategy rules lines up. I also had some losses where I should not have entered because the moving average moved due to the early morning volatility (see LMT_8-13-08 for an example). Some losses were also caused by “dirty” charts, see FSLR_8-11-08 for a clean example, and CME_8-13-08 for a “dirty” example.

Now, if any of you out there see anything in common with my losses (or gains) PLEASE let me know via a comment!

Today I had 3 trades (1 was my dad's pick), all were longs, and losses for a total of (-1.18% [-.86% was me]) or (-$342.84 [-$250.29 was me]). Trades were:

GS - Long (-.53%) (-$154.91): Tightened my stop, and got stopped out

IBM – Long (-.33%) (-$95.38): Stopped out

IBM – Long (-.32%) (-$92.55): Dad got me in this one. This was not based off of my 10k strategy

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