Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trades for 7-15-08

Today I had 6 trades, 4 were longs, 2 were shorts. They were 2 gains, and 4 losses. The total of the day was (-2.40%), or (-$725.98). Trades were:

SBUX - Short (+.46%) (+$135.32): Support break trade. My risk-reward ratio was off, and I was to late for an entry.

QLGC – Long (-.87%) (-$265.62): Resistance break trade. Stopped out, did not look at past performance

DO – Short (-1.10%) (-$330.85): This was an unproven strategy (I call it the 10k strategy) I’ve been working on. Goes to show you too ALWAYS prove a strategy before you trade it.

SKY – Long (+.79%) (+$234.63): Stochastic trade

IGT – Long (-.44%) (-$132.26): Stochastic trade

ESLR – Long (-1.24%) (-$367.20): Resistance break trade. I should not have traded this because It was after 3pm EST

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