Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trades for 7-1-08

Sorry for not posting the past few days, but I was loosing money and had to work some overtime finding something that works. My results for 6-27-08, and 6-30-08 are now posted. I also just got this new trading software called blocks (www.blocks.com). So far I like it, and today I used it for all my trades. Not only did I use this new software but it was also the 1st time I traded my stochastics strategy.

Today I had 6 trades, of which all were longs, with 2 losses, and 4 gains. The total of the day was (+.81%), or (+$234.03). Trades were:

HAR– Long (-.29%) (-$83.85):

ADSK – Long (+.37%) (+$105.09):

ZION – Long (+.25%) (+$72.72): Original stop gain was $30.98

NOC – Long (-.42%) (-$120.17): Should have held on, my original stop-loss was $65.99

APOL – Long (+.45%) (+$129.60):

MUR – Long (+.45%) (+$130.64):

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