Tuesday, July 29, 2008

PAPER-trades for 7-29-08

I decided to continue posting my results even though they are paper-trades.

Today I had 5 PAPER-trades, 1 short, and 4 longs for a total of (+.01%). Trades were:

PCX - Short (+.04%): Trailing stopped out, would have done way better with a set stop-gain (would have been 2% or more made)

PKX – Long (+.25%): Caught mistake which was the fact that the stock had no trends it was mostly flat, but I still would have been ok holding on due to going with the current day’s trend.

GS – Long (-.39%): I should have sold sooner because the stock went flat for too long after my entry.

CME – Long (-.77%): If I was trading real money I would have ended my day before this trade, but I traded this and UBB just to see how things go had I kept trading.

UBB – Long (+.88%): I stopped my gains because it was the end of the day.

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