Friday, June 6, 2008

Trades for 6-6-08

Wow, talk about a down day on the market (more then 300 point drop in the DOW), and an up day for oil (set a new record)! My dad got into T (AT&T) on his 401K yesterday, and looks like he’s taking a bath right now (-2.71% at 12:53am MST today). He/we forgot the fact that he needed to wait for a resistance level break before going long, and also forgot to look at the economic calendar. Guess we didn’t look at the calendar because I daytrade, therefore I don’t worry about upcoming things like unemployment rate, jobless claims, oil inventories, etc.

Today I traded for real, and from now on I will be trading for real unless noted. Total trades were 1 gain, it was a short, for a total of (+.67%), or (+$189.92). Trade was:

SUN – Short (+.67%) (+$189.92): This time I stuck with my stop-gain

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