Friday, May 16, 2008

Trades for 5-16-08

Today was finally an up day (+.71%)! Had 5 trades, all longs, 2 loss 3 wins. For the week I’m down -.29% :(. One thing I learned today is I need to stop 2nd guessing myself and just go for it. My dad helped me today on the 1st 3 trades, the last 2 were all me. Oh and by the way, I've been using a new strategy sence yesterday (as you can see from the charts).

SOLF - Long (+1.09%) (+$282.38): Had to thank my dad for getting me in on this one

SOLF - Long (-.68%) (-$176): My dad wanted to stay in and I talked him out of it.

CSCO - Long (-.15%) (-$38.67): Would have been a (+.19%) (+$49.16) gain but my dad talked me out of it.

AMLN - Long (+.21) (+$56.08):

SOLF - Long (+.24%) (+$63.38):

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