Friday, May 9, 2008

My trades for the day

For my 1st blog post I will just give you a very short story of my day. My further blogs will be mostly the same as this.

Only had 2 trades today, both were on AIG. The trades are as follows:

Had my alert on 10M fire, and the stock had closed below support so I entered short:

My entry price was $40.76:

While in the trade I switched to 1M because I had seen support forming on the level 2 quotes. I exited at $40.60 for a .31% profit:

My 2nd trade:

Looking at 1M charts I stumbled upon this:

So I entered @ $40.71:

Shortly there after I was stopped out:

Wish I had more trades to show you, but I don't :P.

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