Friday, May 30, 2008

Trades for 5-30-08

Today I had 2 trades both longs 1 gain, 1 loss. Total outcome was (-.44%), or (-$111.69). I would have made about (+.62%/+$172) on a 3rd trade but when I entered the order, it went pending for review. Today’s trades were:

QSFT – Long (-.64%) (-$173.45): Had to tack on an extra $10 in costs to get out :(

JASO – Long (+.24%) (+$61.76): Let myself get scared out, had I held on I would have made .82%

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trades for 5-29-08

Today I had 3 trades, all longs, 2 gains and 1 loss. Total for the day was (+.09%), or (+$23.46). Trades are as follows:

QSFT – Long (+.33%) (+$86.58):

AMR – Long (-.77%) (-$198.34): Stopped out, if I had my stop-loss @ $7.09, I might have gotten lucky @ $7.24. If I wasn’t lucky I would have been stopped out @ $7.09 anyways.

MW – Long (+.53%) (+$135.22):

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Trades for 5-28-08

Today I felt better in regards to my cold. I had 1 trade today, which was a short for a gain of +.92% (+$233.33). The ice is finally off the lake (near my house)! So I’m going to go fishing after I post this. My trade was:

MBI – Short (+.92%) (+$233.33):

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trades for 5-27-08

None! Got sick :*( hope it goes away soon. On the bright side this weekend i got to go backpacking!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Trades for 5-23-08

(-2.67%) for the week (because of my dad :P), if it wasn't for him i'd be up 2.40% for the week!

Today I had 2 trades, 1 long and 1 short. 1 gain, 1 loss for a total of -.24% (-$59.16). Trades were:

LEH – Long (+.22%) (+$57.55): Should have stuck with my stop gain @ $36.48, would have been a .86% gain! grrrrr!

NTAP – Short (-.46%) (-$116.71): got stopped out :*(

On the bright side we are going backpacking tomorrow! YEAH! I can't wait! Leaving around noon tomorrow and coming back on Monday.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Trades for 5-22-08

My freaking data feed was laggy from about 8am to around 10:30am. Even though I missed out on a .51% gain, later in the day when things were fixed I made 1 trade (long) for a 1.28% (+$321.52) gain. Here is the trade:

BCSI – Long (+1.28%) (+$321.52)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Trades for 5-20-08, and 5-21-08

Sorry about not posting yesterday (5-20-08) but it was a really crappy day. I had been up .84% until my dad got me into PEIX for a -4.56% loss :(. To make a long story short, I lost 3.72% in total for yesterday. So now I am no longer trading with my dad until I have more capital to work with.

Today (5-21-08) I was up .51% on 4 trades (2 long 2 short) with 2 gains, 1 flat, and 1 loss. Trades are:

CSUN – Long (+.32%) (+$59.68):

APOL – Short (+.04%) (+$9.20): After holding on for about 2 hours of flatness I exited because it was driving me nuts!

A – Long (-.27%) (-$68.45): I did not wait for the bar to close above $36.20 so because it closed below $36.20 I exited saving myself from further loss

MBI – Short (+.51%) (+$127.50): I should have kept my stop-gain at $8.41

Monday, May 19, 2008

Trades for 5-19-08

Today I felt weird, kind of tired and run down psychically and mentally. Looks like I may have got a smaller version of my dad’s cold.

Had 5 trades today, 4 longs 1 short, 3 gains 2 losses. 1 of them would have been a better gain had my dad not talked me out of it. For the day I am up (+.01%) (+$8.88) woohoo! Trades are as follows:

BMC – Long (+.14%) (+$37.10): Would have made more had my dad not talked me out of it

A – Long (-.44%) (-$112.68):

ZOLT – Long (+.51%) (+$133.33):

CSCO – Long (-.57%) (-$146.81):

CSCO – Short (+.37%) (+$97.94):

Friday, May 16, 2008

Trades for 5-16-08

Today was finally an up day (+.71%)! Had 5 trades, all longs, 2 loss 3 wins. For the week I’m down -.29% :(. One thing I learned today is I need to stop 2nd guessing myself and just go for it. My dad helped me today on the 1st 3 trades, the last 2 were all me. Oh and by the way, I've been using a new strategy sence yesterday (as you can see from the charts).

SOLF - Long (+1.09%) (+$282.38): Had to thank my dad for getting me in on this one

SOLF - Long (-.68%) (-$176): My dad wanted to stay in and I talked him out of it.

CSCO - Long (-.15%) (-$38.67): Would have been a (+.19%) (+$49.16) gain but my dad talked me out of it.

AMLN - Long (+.21) (+$56.08):

SOLF - Long (+.24%) (+$63.38):

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Trades for 5-15-08

Today went better. Had 4 trades, 3 longs 1 short, 3 wins 1 loss. Total out come was -.09% (-$23.01). Now for the trades:

APOL – Long (+.22%) (+$57.29): Locked in profits although I should have held on longer as you can see.

SOLF – Long (+.11%) (+$27.82):

BRCD – Short (-.72%) (-$186.52): Had I held on I would have lucked out @ $7.75

A – Long (+.30%) (+$78.40): I should have stuck with my original limit @ $35.58

Weather report is: We finally had some snrain today (1/2 snow like little snow balls)! I hope it keeps warming up becasue the snow is getting old!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Trades for 5-14-08

Had a bad day today, longed 1 trade for -.77%. Made the mistake of turning a 10M trade into a 1M trade. And thats your update for today :).

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

5-13-08 trades

Today I was a big chicken. To nervous during the morning which caused me to not enter on some trades that I should have entered on. Had I not been nervous today I would have made money :*(.

Total for today was -.14% on 2 trades. Both were longs, 1 loss 1 gain. Had one 10M trade, and one 1M trade. My trades were:

SNDK: Stopped out

FLR: I should have played a trailing stop on this, I got out where I did becasue I was scared of loosing more money.

Weather sucked today, lots more snow again :*(. I wish it would stop or at least turn into rain.

Monday, May 12, 2008


On a different note, we had a buch of snow on 5-10-08 (saturday). Grr, when will we have summer up here?!?!?!? Here is a pic for you to prove we did get dumped on:

Trades for 5-12-08

Ok, today went a whole lot better :). All together I came out ahead .94%. Had 3 trades, all longs with 2 wins and 1 loss. 1 trade was on 10M while the other 2 were on 1M.

1st trade: ENER on 1M

2nd trade: RIMM on 1M

3rd trade: RIMM on 10M

My last trade was exited @ 10:01 MST

Friday, May 9, 2008

My trades for the day

For my 1st blog post I will just give you a very short story of my day. My further blogs will be mostly the same as this.

Only had 2 trades today, both were on AIG. The trades are as follows:

Had my alert on 10M fire, and the stock had closed below support so I entered short:

My entry price was $40.76:

While in the trade I switched to 1M because I had seen support forming on the level 2 quotes. I exited at $40.60 for a .31% profit:

My 2nd trade:

Looking at 1M charts I stumbled upon this:

So I entered @ $40.71:

Shortly there after I was stopped out:

Wish I had more trades to show you, but I don't :P.